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Hitch Hiking

A thought occurred as I whizzed by a hitch hiker on my way home from work tonight…

When I pass a hitch hiker and, as tonight, genuinely have no room in my car to be able to pick them up with their cumbersome amount of bags I actually feel a little bit guilty that I’m unable to pick them up. I feel bad that my gas guzzling car (they’re all gas guzzlers – my car gets 30 mpg which by anyone else’s definition is “fucking efficient” but let’s face it, we should all be flying solar powered wind turbines by now) has to burn all it’s precious cargo just to get me somewhere when all of mankind should work together with some sort of hive mentality for a collective efficiency. Alas, it could not be tonight so I had to drive on by screaming “GET A JOB, YOU WORTHLESS HIPPY!” as I did. It’d be rude to tell them I had no room for them so to be fair on their sensitive sans-vehicle emotions I always opt for a violent anti-freeloader vibe.

Point is the world would be a lot nicer a place if more people felt this kind of guilt. The kind of guilt that would make them stop all the more often to help out their fellow man. imagine a world where people just helped each other just because it was in their means to do so and not because they were obliged to or had some material benefit from it… hell, chances are the hiker’ll pay you a couple o’ bucks for fuel! Pick ’em up! make the world a nicer place, ya bum!A steady improvement will also occur because of the exponential increase in people being murdered by serial killers posing as innocent hitchhikers! Population control.

Take one for the team.

Though I went slightly retarded, I do feel that guilt for not being able to stop and do feel like the world would improve if more people were willing to do simple things like give people a ride in the direction you’re driving anyway… oh well!

Back to the lab…