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Don’t Get Excited

Just don’t! It’s been 3 and a half years, what makes you think I’d start regularly updating now, ya dum dum?


This Blog Is About Werewolves

What is this Blog about?
The last two posts were gibberish. As literally as anything could possibly be gibberish, in fact. Nothing could actually absolutely literally be gibberish though, could it? Does gibberish actually mean something or is the word ‘gibberish’ itself gibberish?

“No-one gives a monkey fuck!”, I hear you cry

And you’re quite right to do so.

This post is about secret CIA messages, but you won’t be able to tell that unless you have at least Grade 5 Security Clearance from the Pentagon. Just trust me, that’s what it’s about.

The world, quite frankly, is a vast and terrifying place. We’re flying through space at millions of miles an hour, completely oblivious to what we’re spinning into really. I mean, we have a vague idea of what’s out there but what’s to stop our galaxy spinning violently into another galaxy from another cluster of galaxies spinning in the opposite direction, destroying every star in both galaxies in a matter of split seconds? All without us even knowing it’s happening beyond a giant flash in the sky? Yeah, there’s probably all sorts of logical reasonable Physics related things that explain why that can’t possibly happen but what about every day down to Earth stuff? What’s to stop a hurricane the size of the moon fucking it’s way over the Atlantic and wiping out Western Europe and the Eastern Seaboard tomorrow morning? Yeah, okay again, plenty good reasons but my point is this:

We are on an ever changing vast world, floating through an incredibly magnificent Universe full of Lord only knows what and even though essentially nothing that we ever do, even as an entire species, is going to amount to anything the thing we spend our vastly evolved mind, which somehow has achieved a level of consciousness that is absolutely unbelievable when you think about (And the fact you can think about it proves how amazing it really is, really).

Why is it that these highly advanced minds, which are capable of conceiving and creating practically everything you see around you every day and then some, spend so much time contemplating how many pointless little storylines the final episode of Lost is going to wrap up?

A Quick Scribble

Just been practicing using the Bamboo tablet thingy.

A Simple Introduction…

Hello world,
This is my new blog not to be mistaken for a replacement for my old blog but instead to go alongside it.

My other blog ( is up and running as always but isn’t really a blog as it is a place for stories.

My twitter account ( is around but I can hardly ramble on at the lengths I intend to within 140 characters.

My youtube ( is still updated now and then but who has the time to actually talk into a camera these days when you can type endless nonsense?

So much talking was going on about WordPress so I decided I would give it a try and try using it as a central place for all the other crap.

Whenever I post a new story on my BlogSpot blog, I’ll post a link here. My YouTube videos should hopefully come here too automatically when I upload them (I’ll see within a day or two as I’m working on a new video just now) and my Twitter account is displayed on the side bar to the right.

Whenever I make a new blog entry here, I’ll post a link to Twitter which in turn will post a link to my Facebook for those of you glorious enough to be on my friends list (Note: If you’re randomly reading this and don’t know me personally in some way that’s fine, wonderful in fact, but please don’t add my on Facebook as I reserve it for only people I know – it isn’t a Fan Page).

With any luck, this will become a venting spot so I don’t bore the tears off people in real life who can’t be bothered to listen to my endless ramblings about Atheism, Theoretical Physics, Left Wing Politics and Gilbert Gottfried. It should also serve as a central place to anything else I do on the interwebs.

Happy reading! I shall try to update frequently.