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Take It On The Run, Osama!

Here’s a little video log I made in which I discuss virtually nothing of any note whatsoever but I do sing a song:


Try Talking On Your Blog With Your Fucking Arms Cut Off

Recently discovered (via Becky) this guy. He’s got a ton of tracks that are somehow difficult to buy online (Album beign released on the 10th of May though I think) but this video is what really grabs the attention. Check out Tyler The Creator! Awesome…

Oh and if you have trouble finding his stuff to buy or download online you can listen to a shit-ton of his stuff on GrooveShark, a very cool site all should use.

Winterlong – a very brief film

The song is “Winterlong” by Neil Young but covered here by Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring. The footage was taken by me in Addison County, Vermont

Wishing I had an HD camera.

Hey. Ho. Let go.

Just sharing the song that’s stuck whirling around my head at the moment. Click below to hear it!

Or click this link to view the video(Just remember music is about sound not visuals, you don’t need video to enjoy a song in fact sometimes it’s better without. MTV Get Off The Air!):

Reasons to like this song:

  1. It’s by Amanda Palmer who is one of the best songwriter vocalists around. Certainly the best female. I used to be of the mind that most female singers were better than most males but I quickly grew to realize that the truth is that I think it’s a little easier for a girl to sing and not have it sound like shit. I think this makes most mainstream female vocalists (Pop and country is what I’m talking about here, for the most part) to not put forth any effort or really emote at all and unfortunately this has the side effect that a lot of female singers who sing with a bit of, God forbid, feeling end up scaring the pansies of the world who still in the back of their heads fear the free-thinking and liberated woman. Girl Power*!  Palmer is definitely a singer who sings with feeling.
  2. It features East Bay Ray on guitar! East Bay Ray is, in my opinion, the best punk guitarist there is and was an inspiration in a way to me – not that I did much with my guitar playing but I love the semi-discordant way the Dead Kennedys sound(ed) and it made me want to emulate it in some way. I remember meeting him and mumbling something to that effect to him in a drunken stupor after seeing the Dead Kennedys playing live (Without Jello, sadly)! He was also the inspiration behind my first screen-name on the interwebs! I didn’t tell him that though…
  3. It also features Ben Folds who is a genius and could probably make the most half-assed musician sound beautiful with his production or collaborative work. Since in this song he’s working with two equal minds, it’s even better. He’s also a fucking nerdy looking guy (As is East Bay Ray) which raises my level of respect for him. The thicker the rim of your glasses the more Spike Vicious-approved you get!
  4. The song seems to make a point which I have made myself to anyone bored enough to listen – that wasting your time playing Guitar Hero or Rockband, especially when you have an actual guitar you could be practicing or playing on is just about the most diabolical waste of human existence that there could possibly be.

Altogether a perfect work? Not quite, I think if They Might Be Giants had been involved somewhere it might have been made a little bit better and would have topped The Safety Dance as the all time number 1 song ever.


*If I hadn’t said “Girl Power” at the end of that it might have seemed serious…