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Don’t Get Excited

Just don’t! It’s been 3 and a half years, what makes you think I’d start regularly updating now, ya dum dum?


Ant Plight

Cartoon I drew about a man and an ant he befriends

Click on the image to see it bigger if the text is a little hard to read.

Destroy Everything You Touch

This has thoroughly been the most pleasant Apocalypse I’ve ever lived through (I think it’s been 3 total. Nostradamus predicted the end in 1999, there was Y2K and now the May 20th Non-Rapture – if there have been some more that I forgot about please remind me). Had a beer in the garden, took some mini-naps in the sun and generally enjoyed the relative peace.

Here’s a video of The Delta Mirror playing a song I can’t be bothered to remember the name of:

Take It On The Run, Osama!

Here’s a little video log I made in which I discuss virtually nothing of any note whatsoever but I do sing a song:

Try Talking On Your Blog With Your Fucking Arms Cut Off

Recently discovered (via Becky) this guy. He’s got a ton of tracks that are somehow difficult to buy online (Album beign released on the 10th of May though I think) but this video is what really grabs the attention. Check out Tyler The Creator! Awesome…

Oh and if you have trouble finding his stuff to buy or download online you can listen to a shit-ton of his stuff on GrooveShark, a very cool site all should use.

Another Exciting Photograph!


Cows In Vermont, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Just another photo I took (Many more at my flickr account, as always)
Dunno who, if anyone, is likely to read this but might be worth knowing that I haven’t been doing much of anything lately (including updating this blog with actual entries of any kind) because I’m one of four lead roles in a play!
My acting “career” is off like a rocket!

Anyway, the play is an adaptation of The Wind In The Willows and is being put on by The Little City Players at the Vergennes Opera House in Vermont so please come along if you have the oppurtunity!

Buy tickets at or at Classic Stitching in Vergennes!

If not, forget you!

Here’s a picture, I’m on the left being snooty.

Frankie Had One Too Many

Frankie Had One Too Many, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

I really have to have to have to update this blog more often!

It’s my New September resolution!

If you’re reading this blog for some reason and are all like “Who is this wildly interesting individual?” then you might want to check out: which is updated far more frequently
and which isn’t updated with quite that frequency but is still full of rambling nonsense videos

Ta muchly and good night.