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Ant Plight

Cartoon I drew about a man and an ant he befriends

Click on the image to see it bigger if the text is a little hard to read.


Frankie Posed

Frankie Posed, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Becky found Frankie on the side of the road… very sad when a dog has to be abandoned by it’s family, doubly so when you don’t know anything about his background.

Was he abandoned maliciously? Becky found him in the middle of nowhere, nowhere near any houses. Did someone drive out there and hope to never see him again?

Did he jump out the back of someone’s truck? I doubt it since he tends to just lay in one spot on car rides and not pay any attention to the outside.

Did he just get off his leach or chain somewhere far away and manage to just keep running till he was truly and completely lost?

Well, we’ll never know but it’s always sad to think how someone could “own” a dog at one point and then at some point either be forced to or decide to have to give them up, sometimes resulting in them just being abandoned.

I think way too many people don’t really realize that places like the Humane Society exist. If you really really can’t keep a pet they’ll almost always take it. Life in the humane society may be tough and yes, there’s a chance it could be years before your former pet is adopted but it’s surely a better fate for the animal than to be just “set free”. Cats and Dogs (and most other pets) are domestic animals and cannot survive in the wild, especially if they’ve been brought up in a house with a human family so please, find your local humane society and consider giving them your pet before letting them go on the roadside.

Also, instead of buying from breeders, always consider adopting from the Humane Society first!

Wow. I just meant to post a photo of my dog and got into a rant, sorry!