Sarcastic Experiments in Mysoginistic Evaluation

Day 3 wearing woman’s pants: a lack of pocket space has led to a need to carry around most of my stuff, people are holding doors open for me in spite of my ability to still operate simple pushable objects. Its extremely condecending.

Furthermore the guys in the office won’t shut up about my low rise belt line. I’ve decided to wear headphones to avoid the lude comments, that should fix it.


Sarcastic Experiments in Mysoginistic Evaluation

Day 1 – Wearing woman pants. Where do we expect women to keep stuff, because its certainly not in their pockets?

I fully expect by the end of the day ill be wearing a bra just to keep my cell phone in something.

Don’t Get Excited

Just don’t! It’s been 3 and a half years, what makes you think I’d start regularly updating now, ya dum dum?

Been Gone…

Cedar Waxwing on Coon Mountain, NYCedar WaxwingDarkTreat Yo' Self 2012Ringy's Heading OutBlue Crawfish
IceShineWinooski RiverAbandoned GraffitiFrolickingDusk
Bright Red SunsetFrankie Watching IrenePretty PurpleMothFrankie's SpotlightFlowers Over The Fog
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Nothing Worth Saying?

I guess I haven’t had much to say however looks like I might be doing another play soon so we’ll see if I remember to shamelessly plug that all over the internet…

Something to look forward to, right?!?!


Shine, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Just daisy in the Autumn sunshine

A Still More Glroious Dawn Awaits…

You never know who hasn’t heard this so I thought, why not post it?