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Health Care Reform – A Miniature Rant

Note: Some readers should be cautioned that I use strong language, and get kind of angry at right-wing types in this post. If you’re going to be offended then fuck you be advised you probably shouldn’t read this.

Just need to make a quick rant…

I wish people would stop exaggerating the extent to the recent Health Care Reform that passed Congress here in the States.

On one hand we have every vaguely Republican (moron) voter or supporter in the country going nuts claiming that the country is going to be in ruins and all we’re doing is helping the lazy people in the country who can’t be bothered to go out and get a damn job and on the other we have every perky Democratic (cheesy) optimistic asshole saying how we’re in historic times and now living in the Utopian paradise, long foreseen by the ancients of Atlantis.

To the anti-health care reformers: Fuck you! Nothing is wrong with tax dollars going towards helping out people who are otherwise unable to help themselves. Yes, some of them might be lazy but a huge number of the unemployed are not, and are in desperate need of health care especially given the apparent wealth of our fair nation. What would you have happen in order to help these people? Unfortunately you have to pay for the health care of the lazy in order to furnish the people most deserving. And worse still, what about those people working their 40 (or more) hours a week who are in jobs that don’t offer accessible or decent health insurance? What would you have happen here? Fuck you again! And don’t harp on about it being socialism! Until you realize there are areas where a socialized forms work (Would you rather the police were run by independent corporations looking for nothing more than profit, for example?) and can admit that the reason you fear socialism is because you’re a fucking idiot who has absolutely and completely failed to think for yourself your entire life, kindly stay away from me and stop talking about anything that involves politics. To be fair, I’m not necessarily saying Socialism is the way forward – I’m simply saying that it’s important that before judging systems of government or varieties on a system of government (Did you know Socialism is entirely compatible with Democracy? AMAZING BUT TRUE! Did you know Socialism isn’t Communism, you ignorant fuck? MORE CRAZY FACTS BY THE MINUTE! Did you know that whenever I hear some idiot say “Socialism” to mean “Communism” it makes me want to vomit in my mouth in no less than three separate ways? NOT SURPRISING YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT LAST ONE, BUT TRUE!) research them. Google that shit! Find out the facts and think about why you think tax money going towards public services which would be available to all is somehow worse than tax money going to big oil companies and stupid rich fuck politician bonuses is a bad idea? Find out why you think that the Government providing for it’s people in the most basic ways is a bad thing? If you’re a rich guy then it’s perfectly possible you could research all that and still come back to me with an argument against National Health Insurance which is fine, at least it might be a conclusion based on facts (The fact that you’re rich and probably lack any empathy/sympathy whatsoever with the idea that someone could feasibly be a lot poorer than you and not necessarily be lazy! AMAZING BUT TRUE – there are people poorer than you who probably work harder! It’s a topsy turvy world!) and when you come back to me with that conclusion I will laugh in your face and smack you because not only have I lived most of my life in a country with National Health Coverage so am probably far more amply able to tell you what it’s like living in a heathen land that does crazy nasty evil things like give it’s people access to doctors! THE HORROR! Not only that…

But we’re not talking about National Health Coverage yet you dumb fucks! We’re talking about a tiny measure which only allows the many Americans who have no health insurance, access to some. It’s not a big deal, it’s just fucking nice you heartless cunts.

And to all the pro-Health Care reformers: Yeah, good job but stop celebrating like you just saved America. You’ve taken a very tiny step in the right direction here but if you keep celebrating like you’re on a boat with a “Mission Accomplished” banner flying high in the background you’re going to find it very very difficult to take the crucial huge steps that are needed from this point onwards to get America on par with the rest of the first world.

And most importantly, instead of just saying “yay! =D!” and going on with your lives remember you are most likely among the great majority of people least likely to vote (Young people) and instead of getting all apathetic just because come November time there’s no big promises of change or upheaval that you need to vote in order to acknowledge the things that have already happened and to keep the ball rolling.

This became a very long rant rather than the miniature rant which was promised and for that I’d like to apologize.

But I won’t.

Good Day.