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Video, I ramble within thee.


Hitch Hiking

A thought occurred as I whizzed by a hitch hiker on my way home from work tonight…

When I pass a hitch hiker and, as tonight, genuinely have no room in my car to be able to pick them up with their cumbersome amount of bags I actually feel a little bit guilty that I’m unable to pick them up. I feel bad that my gas guzzling car (they’re all gas guzzlers – my car gets 30 mpg which by anyone else’s definition is “fucking efficient” but let’s face it, we should all be flying solar powered wind turbines by now) has to burn all it’s precious cargo just to get me somewhere when all of mankind should work together with some sort of hive mentality for a collective efficiency. Alas, it could not be tonight so I had to drive on by screaming “GET A JOB, YOU WORTHLESS HIPPY!” as I did. It’d be rude to tell them I had no room for them so to be fair on their sensitive sans-vehicle emotions I always opt for a violent anti-freeloader vibe.

Point is the world would be a lot nicer a place if more people felt this kind of guilt. The kind of guilt that would make them stop all the more often to help out their fellow man. imagine a world where people just helped each other just because it was in their means to do so and not because they were obliged to or had some material benefit from it… hell, chances are the hiker’ll pay you a couple o’ bucks for fuel! Pick ’em up! make the world a nicer place, ya bum!A steady improvement will also occur because of the exponential increase in people being murdered by serial killers posing as innocent hitchhikers! Population control.

Take one for the team.

Though I went slightly retarded, I do feel that guilt for not being able to stop and do feel like the world would improve if more people were willing to do simple things like give people a ride in the direction you’re driving anyway… oh well!

Back to the lab…


Recently had an audition for a part in a student film. Not sure how it went yet but would like to share…

It’s been a good while since I last acted in any way shape or form in front of a real human being. The last time I did I was playing a dead body in a part I wrote for myself in a film which had me in it for about 10 seconds.

Needless to say I was anxious as all hell!

As often happens when I’m nervous (As in, for example with job interviews etc.) I showed up early. A full half hour early, meaning they were still auditioning someone else when I got there so I took it upon myself to talk a quick stroll to the park to read over my lines and attempt to get comfortable. It didn’t really work but I did notice some other people had gathered on the steps of the hall where the audition was taking place and were reading over their lines. The time came when I was going to walk over there and as I did I noticed that it wasn’t teo adults but a child and (presumably) her Mother. I remembered there was a part for a child in the description but it hadn’t occurred to me on that day because the section of script I had didn’t involve them. I did a great job (I should get the acting job for this alone!) hiding my nerves as I could tell the poor girl was clearly pretty anxious, as any child (or apparently adult) would be, smiled as if to say “Don’t worry! These things are no trouble at all!”, got inside and proceeded to be auditonified.

Nerve-wracking isn’t the word! It was beyond! But I managed to keep composed during the audition, knowing it would be over soon enough and inevitably they would know whether I had the part or not. So I kept my anxiety bottled up right up until I had gotten up, shaken hands and said my “Nice to meet you too”s. As I closed the door to the hall I let out a muffled grunt and slapped my head out of frustration with my clip board only to lower it and see, who else, but the still further nervous looking girl whom I had basically confirmed the child-like fears of by emerging from the scary audition room acting like they had just anally probed me.

I tried to let out an encouraging smile again, but I fear it was too late.

Hopefully she did better than me anyway.

A Simple Introduction…

Hello world,
This is my new blog not to be mistaken for a replacement for my old blog but instead to go alongside it.

My other blog (spikevicious.blogspot.com) is up and running as always but isn’t really a blog as it is a place for stories.

My twitter account (www.twitter.com/spikevicious) is around but I can hardly ramble on at the lengths I intend to within 140 characters.

My youtube (www.youtube.com/dkittv) is still updated now and then but who has the time to actually talk into a camera these days when you can type endless nonsense?

So much talking was going on about WordPress so I decided I would give it a try and try using it as a central place for all the other crap.

Whenever I post a new story on my BlogSpot blog, I’ll post a link here. My YouTube videos should hopefully come here too automatically when I upload them (I’ll see within a day or two as I’m working on a new video just now) and my Twitter account is displayed on the side bar to the right.

Whenever I make a new blog entry here, I’ll post a link to Twitter which in turn will post a link to my Facebook for those of you glorious enough to be on my friends list (Note: If you’re randomly reading this and don’t know me personally in some way that’s fine, wonderful in fact, but please don’t add my on Facebook as I reserve it for only people I know – it isn’t a Fan Page).

With any luck, this will become a venting spot so I don’t bore the tears off people in real life who can’t be bothered to listen to my endless ramblings about Atheism, Theoretical Physics, Left Wing Politics and Gilbert Gottfried. It should also serve as a central place to anything else I do on the interwebs.

Happy reading! I shall try to update frequently.