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Been Gone…

Cedar Waxwing on Coon Mountain, NYCedar WaxwingDarkTreat Yo' Self 2012Ringy's Heading OutBlue Crawfish
IceShineWinooski RiverAbandoned GraffitiFrolickingDusk
Bright Red SunsetFrankie Watching IrenePretty PurpleMothFrankie's SpotlightFlowers Over The Fog
Cowering BeastieSpottedRoostingUFO CrashBarbed HairRed

Nothing Worth Saying?

I guess I haven’t had much to say however looks like I might be doing another play soon so we’ll see if I remember to shamelessly plug that all over the internet…

Something to look forward to, right?!?!

Bright Red Sunset

Bright Red Sunset, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Nothing more