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My Time As An Extra In “Switchback” – The Movie.

Yes, it’s true. I’m a movie star now. Don’t get excited, I won’t forget you when I’m living the life of a superstar…

I spent a day or two over the last week with the cast and crew of a movie named ‘Switchback’ which is aiming to get a theatrical release this year.

I’m in two scenes – a funeral and a festival. Clearly, I figure, my character is pivotal in adjoining these two moments of mourning and celebration!  I play the part of ‘Paddy McGerald Fitzduffy O’Reilly’, I decided in developing my character that ‘Paddy’ had been abandoned by his parents at an early age and left on the steps of the Switchback mine (“Switchback” is the name of the movie!) where he was picked up by a pack of wolves living in the Adirondack forests. At the age of 13 Paddy was rescued by some hunters who had inadvertently killed his foster-parent wolf family. On returning to human life Paddy was unable to maintain proper social relationships and spent much of his teenage years drifting though the village as a bit of an outsider, not making any friends and, in fact, only communicating through an elaborate series of grunts and growls and would, on occasion, be found rolling around the center of town hunting the neighborhood cats.

Eventually he was picked up by some of the people running the mine where he was left as a baby to work in the mine where he was put to work diving blindly into the mines to test for gases before people who were important entered, since the area was too poor to afford ‘test canaries’.

For this reason, the character of Paddy is portrayed accurately by me by standing around awkwardly, never being next to the same person twice and generally seeming very unexcited about much of anything that’s going on, since he doesn’t understand the human concept of’ ‘excitement’.

Of course, on film my character’s obviously diverse and intriguing background is set aside and not spoken about because it would be clearly too distracting from the main plot of the film which has nothing to do with wolves or abandoned babies, as far as I know. So all you’ll see of me is me hanging out in the background, next to different people every time.

Some people would tell you that the reason I’m standing next to different people any time you might see me is because, unlike most other extras in the film, I arrived on my own and the people I spoke to during the funeral scene weren’t there for the festival. These same cynical folks might tell you “Maybe you’re just awkward and you’re standing around looking like a tool has nothing to do with a back-story and much more to do with you actually being a slight social reject”, but these people are wrong! The whole movie is just a little insight into the perplexing character that is Paddy McGerald Fitzduffy O’Reilly.

Everything else that happens in the movie is just a little entertainment in between my epic scenes.

And the reason I’m not listed by that character name, or actually at all, in the credits for the movie?

Well, that’s because this whole blog entry was a lie.


Imagine Freedom

Let’s see if this makes any sense…

Scottish Independence has been on my mind a lot lately, probably because of the recent election in Britain in which the Conservatives were declared the (eventual and debatable) victors but who were overwhelmingly not voted in in Scotland, accentuating the somewhat glaringly obvious political and ideological differences between the two countries (And yes, for those not from Scotland and not in the know about the region, despite not having Independence, Scotland is still it’s own country. It’s just also part of a bigger country as well. I think it’s the only instance of such a silly confusing set up that I know of… oh well!). The differences and rivalries between Scotland and England go back a long way, far too long to go over here. This isn’t a history lesson though, buck-o! This is a post about my recently changing opinion on the concept of Independence for Scotland and what it would, could and should mean.

Let me begin by first of all quoting the John Lennon song “Imagine“ as is traditional in these situations –
“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too”
No truer words have been spoken (or sang) in my opinion. A word without borders where we all accept the fact that we’re all people of the same race sharing one glorious spinning orb would indeed be ideal and for those “dreamers” among us who think about what the world should be like, it really isn’t difficult to imagine such a world.

In this respect I had up until recently believed that the push for Scottish Independence (And therefore the push for another more strengthened border) was in direct conflict of this ideal. Surely a better aim would be to make Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and all the ickle islands up and down the place part of a larger Europe, and from there move on to trying to form a unified world government of some kind? Yes, that seems like the most logical step to achieving any kind of unity. I always felt that the nationalism that comes from striving for independence from a governing state could easily lead to racism (As nationalism and over-patriotism often do) and simply divide us in an even greater way from the English (Some would say that wouldn’t be a bad thing but I disagree).

In a simple way it’s true.

In the moment, as people push for independence it does spur a kind of anti-English rhetoric, rather than just a pro-Scottish one, but I think this is a price we have to pay. For with independence would come a sense of self which Scotland (and many other regions and countries in similar situations) hasn’t really had the full brunt of experiencing in a very long time and it would seem to me that when a group of countries, states or whatever else have a sense of themselves, a pride in the individual parts, it’s far easier for them to look at their neighbors as neighbors and not the enemy next door.

Anyway, I’m sure I could ramble a little bit more and I actually intended to but I figure the few people who might be interested to read all this probably already agree somewhat. But if  you don’t, comment away!

Bird Steals Pacifier

Just a new video I uploaded from our trip to the Biodome in Montreal last month.

This Blog Is About Werewolves

What is this Blog about?
The last two posts were gibberish. As literally as anything could possibly be gibberish, in fact. Nothing could actually absolutely literally be gibberish though, could it? Does gibberish actually mean something or is the word ‘gibberish’ itself gibberish?

“No-one gives a monkey fuck!”, I hear you cry

And you’re quite right to do so.

This post is about secret CIA messages, but you won’t be able to tell that unless you have at least Grade 5 Security Clearance from the Pentagon. Just trust me, that’s what it’s about.

The world, quite frankly, is a vast and terrifying place. We’re flying through space at millions of miles an hour, completely oblivious to what we’re spinning into really. I mean, we have a vague idea of what’s out there but what’s to stop our galaxy spinning violently into another galaxy from another cluster of galaxies spinning in the opposite direction, destroying every star in both galaxies in a matter of split seconds? All without us even knowing it’s happening beyond a giant flash in the sky? Yeah, there’s probably all sorts of logical reasonable Physics related things that explain why that can’t possibly happen but what about every day down to Earth stuff? What’s to stop a hurricane the size of the moon fucking it’s way over the Atlantic and wiping out Western Europe and the Eastern Seaboard tomorrow morning? Yeah, okay again, plenty good reasons but my point is this:

We are on an ever changing vast world, floating through an incredibly magnificent Universe full of Lord only knows what and even though essentially nothing that we ever do, even as an entire species, is going to amount to anything the thing we spend our vastly evolved mind, which somehow has achieved a level of consciousness that is absolutely unbelievable when you think about (And the fact you can think about it proves how amazing it really is, really).

Why is it that these highly advanced minds, which are capable of conceiving and creating practically everything you see around you every day and then some, spend so much time contemplating how many pointless little storylines the final episode of Lost is going to wrap up?

Reco Nonsense post 2

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“And a little and a glass at one “ – Brain Regan

Reco Nonsense post 1

A new laptop will of course mean more frequent blog posts, however this new computer also came with Voice Recognition software which I promptly activated (With good intentions! My goal is to perhaps be able to write a blog simply by speaking, when typing would be too much effort!) but after activating it I began driving and listening to the Radio (The Opie and anthony Show if you must know) and I thought “I wonder what the voice stuff will pick up?” So I turned it on for a bit and this is what it picked up.

“If the 30th day there’s a big under the hood die in a door as a letter she thought at the fucking my closet is a little Italian stands up its own world of Earth-the of the event that would hop and the third is really creepily crawling up to a headache make nobody has again though I have.”

Expect a few more of these nonsense posts interspersed among normal ones for a while until I get bored of the random hilarity!

Also, next time there won’t be an explanation so unless you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones who got to read this post then you’ll have no idea what’s being said. So long!