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Daisy Doesn’t Know What She Wants

Ahhh sad eyes.
Alas, the trickery of photography makes it look like Daisy is in desperate need of a meal and a walk but she had just come in from her post-breakfast poop and this is just where she decided to sit – making it look like I’m a cruel and malicious owner who would far rather stand around taking pictures of his pets than actually provide for them.

That bitch!


Spring Time Sunset

Spring Time Sunset, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

A photo I took in April last year, soon the grass will be growing again and we’ll have scenes like this but for now we have the snow! There wasn’t enough snow this winter to get excited about so I just have to look forward to Spring and seeing my garden grow again…


Right after posting this I stepped outside to this scene:


So fuck Spring! The Snow is finally here.

Ringy In The Snow

Ringy In The Snow, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Mainly just testing out how it looks when I ‘blog’ an image from flickr onto my WordPress account. So pay this post no heed! It’s just a picture of my cat, Ringy, chilling in the snow.

Hey. Ho. Let go.

Just sharing the song that’s stuck whirling around my head at the moment. Click below to hear it!

Or click this link to view the video(Just remember music is about sound not visuals, you don’t need video to enjoy a song in fact sometimes it’s better without. MTV Get Off The Air!):

Reasons to like this song:

  1. It’s by Amanda Palmer who is one of the best songwriter vocalists around. Certainly the best female. I used to be of the mind that most female singers were better than most males but I quickly grew to realize that the truth is that I think it’s a little easier for a girl to sing and not have it sound like shit. I think this makes most mainstream female vocalists (Pop and country is what I’m talking about here, for the most part) to not put forth any effort or really emote at all and unfortunately this has the side effect that a lot of female singers who sing with a bit of, God forbid, feeling end up scaring the pansies of the world who still in the back of their heads fear the free-thinking and liberated woman. Girl Power*!  Palmer is definitely a singer who sings with feeling.
  2. It features East Bay Ray on guitar! East Bay Ray is, in my opinion, the best punk guitarist there is and was an inspiration in a way to me – not that I did much with my guitar playing but I love the semi-discordant way the Dead Kennedys sound(ed) and it made me want to emulate it in some way. I remember meeting him and mumbling something to that effect to him in a drunken stupor after seeing the Dead Kennedys playing live (Without Jello, sadly)! He was also the inspiration behind my first screen-name on the interwebs! I didn’t tell him that though…
  3. It also features Ben Folds who is a genius and could probably make the most half-assed musician sound beautiful with his production or collaborative work. Since in this song he’s working with two equal minds, it’s even better. He’s also a fucking nerdy looking guy (As is East Bay Ray) which raises my level of respect for him. The thicker the rim of your glasses the more Spike Vicious-approved you get!
  4. The song seems to make a point which I have made myself to anyone bored enough to listen – that wasting your time playing Guitar Hero or Rockband, especially when you have an actual guitar you could be practicing or playing on is just about the most diabolical waste of human existence that there could possibly be.

Altogether a perfect work? Not quite, I think if They Might Be Giants had been involved somewhere it might have been made a little bit better and would have topped The Safety Dance as the all time number 1 song ever.


*If I hadn’t said “Girl Power” at the end of that it might have seemed serious…

A Quick Scribble

Just been practicing using the Bamboo tablet thingy.

Early Morning Crisis

The alarm, as in that on your alarm clock, is a truly devious and horrible thing. Seldom is it that you need to set your alarm for things you want to attend such as parties, movies with a friend or the special luncheon you’ve been planning with Benecio Del Toro for the past month. In itself the alarm denotes only one thing:

“You need to wake up right now. There’s a whole lot of bullshit that you don’t really want to deal with but have to because it’s your job, so drag your miserable ass out of bed and force a fucking smile, for God’s sake.”

Truly the alarm is an evil, but a necessary evil as without it no-one would ever wake up. Ever.

Evil is in the world all around us though. Needlessness is another matter, a matter which brings me to the so-called “Snooze Button”.

On the surface, a rather remedial and quirky feature of most alarm clocks these days but should it really be called a “Snooze Button”? Speaking from personal experience I can safely say that I’ve never woken up in my usual half-asleep (Possibly drunken) haze, hearing the “MEH MEH MEH!” of my clock’s alarm, strategically placed by a well-meaning but clearly fucking psychotic me the night before – just out of arm’s reach “to make sure you wake up in the morning*”, smacked my fist down on the “Snooze Button” then, 9 minutes later, woken up feeling bright and alive and ready to take on the day! No, quite the opposite – I hit the button once. Get to a stage where I’m just about to start maybe enjoying sleep again, get woken up again by it, smash the button again, wait 9 minutes and repeat the process until I’ve hit the button 593 times. I wake up with just about enough time to get to work the following week.

Clearly the button wasn’t designed for snoozing at all!

Here’s a definition of snooze:

snooze (sno̵̅o̅z)


Informal a brief sleep; nap; doze

Clearly sleep is supposed to be involved in the word snooze. Not “almost sleep but not quite enough to really be more than just ‘extended blinking'”. Fuck ‘snooze’.

It’s obvious to me that the real purpose in the button is just so that you don’t wake up and throw the alarm clock against your wall, leaving it there in a smashed up mess until you decide to wake up for yourself (5 hours and 20 angry calls from your boss later) when you go to the tool shed, get the sledgehammer and make sure, not only that the alarm clock is fully destroyed but also that no CSI team in the world could even identify the disintegrated pile as an alarm clock.

The snooze button is designed to protect the alarm clock from destruction! It should be called an “Automatic Protection From Alarm Destruction Switch”.

Since this serves no benefit to the alarm clock companies, who I’m sure loved the consumers out there who were buying  a new clock every week, it stands to reason that either one of two things must be true about the Snooze Button’s creator:

1 – The alarm clock itself invented the snooze button to protect itself. A theory which makes me deeply suspicious and paranoid and will quite probably stop me from sleeping tonight for fear of a Terminator style future in which the alarm clocks decide to destroy us all!

or far more likely

2 – Your boss designed it so you’d actually show up to work. So this morning, when you show up, give your supervisor, manager, assistant manager in training, shift leader, team leader, CEO, teacher, professor, sergeant or pastor a nice big thank you by way of a full on fist to the face.

You’ll feel a lot better and more than likely you won’t need to worry about needing to set that alarm the next day.


*A bullshit theory, making sure you can’t just hit the alarm clock from your bed because:

a) 9 times out of 10 you’ll find some inner-contortionist and find a way to reach the damn thing from your bed anyway and

b) Even if you put the fucking thing all the way across the other side of your room you’ll still get out of bed, walk over to it, pound your hand down on it and wander straight back into your bed cursing your miserable existence.

Damn This Post

So I thought I could make YouTube automatically post an entry here when I upload a video but it seems I failed to do so (if it’s even possible). If anyone knows how I can achieve this so I don’t need to do it manually (lazy, I know) then please tell me in the comments or something.

Anyway, here’s the video I had hoped would be here already: