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A Still More Glroious Dawn Awaits…

You never know who hasn’t heard this so I thought, why not post it?


Video, I ramble within thee.

Take It On The Run, Osama!

Here’s a little video log I made in which I discuss virtually nothing of any note whatsoever but I do sing a song:

Try Talking On Your Blog With Your Fucking Arms Cut Off

Recently discovered (via Becky) this guy. He’s got a ton of tracks that are somehow difficult to buy online (Album beign released on the 10th of May though I think) but this video is what really grabs the attention. Check out Tyler The Creator! Awesome…

Oh and if you have trouble finding his stuff to buy or download online you can listen to a shit-ton of his stuff on GrooveShark, a very cool site all should use.

Winterlong – a very brief film

The song is “Winterlong” by Neil Young but covered here by Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring. The footage was taken by me in Addison County, Vermont

Wishing I had an HD camera.

The Many Million Posts Of The Amazing Mr. Vicious.

Yes, when I got a laptop one might have expected me to update a simple thing like a pointless blog in the ass-corner of the internet more often, but it has not come to pass!

On the plus side, I have been writing a little bit more thanks to the lap top which is decisively more productive than these blog posts anyway so you can all rest assured (I know no-one’s reading this first of all, and secondly no-one wasn’t already resting quite assuredly with regards to my blog posting) that the lap top hasn’t been a complete waste.

At any rate, here is a blog post. In this blog post is a video log I just uploaded to YouTube

If you just found this blog by chance and the COMPELLING nature of the video above has drawn you in (And who could blame you?) then go to my YouTube channel and BE FURTHER AMAZED at the intrigue and mystery behind me telling pointless stories to myself.


Bird Steals Pacifier

Just a new video I uploaded from our trip to the Biodome in Montreal last month.