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After March Snowstorm

After March Snowstorm, originally uploaded by spikevicious.



Icy Water In Addison, Vermont

Just a photo…
The snow and ice are leaving and soon the green will return to the landscape.
Yay for the green coming, boo for the snow leaving.

Spring Time Sunset

Spring Time Sunset, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

A photo I took in April last year, soon the grass will be growing again and we’ll have scenes like this but for now we have the snow! There wasn’t enough snow this winter to get excited about so I just have to look forward to Spring and seeing my garden grow again…


Right after posting this I stepped outside to this scene:


So fuck Spring! The Snow is finally here.

Ringy In The Snow

Ringy In The Snow, originally uploaded by spikevicious.

Mainly just testing out how it looks when I ‘blog’ an image from flickr onto my WordPress account. So pay this post no heed! It’s just a picture of my cat, Ringy, chilling in the snow.