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Nothing Worth Saying?

I guess I haven’t had much to say however looks like I might be doing another play soon so we’ll see if I remember to shamelessly plug that all over the internet…

Something to look forward to, right?!?!



Recently had an audition for a part in a student film. Not sure how it went yet but would like to share…

It’s been a good while since I last acted in any way shape or form in front of a real human being. The last time I did I was playing a dead body in a part I wrote for myself in a film which had me in it for about 10 seconds.

Needless to say I was anxious as all hell!

As often happens when I’m nervous (As in, for example with job interviews etc.) I showed up early. A full half hour early, meaning they were still auditioning someone else when I got there so I took it upon myself to talk a quick stroll to the park to read over my lines and attempt to get comfortable. It didn’t really work but I did notice some other people had gathered on the steps of the hall where the audition was taking place and were reading over their lines. The time came when I was going to walk over there and as I did I noticed that it wasn’t teo adults but a child and (presumably) her Mother. I remembered there was a part for a child in the description but it hadn’t occurred to me on that day because the section of script I had didn’t involve them. I did a great job (I should get the acting job for this alone!) hiding my nerves as I could tell the poor girl was clearly pretty anxious, as any child (or apparently adult) would be, smiled as if to say “Don’t worry! These things are no trouble at all!”, got inside and proceeded to be auditonified.

Nerve-wracking isn’t the word! It was beyond! But I managed to keep composed during the audition, knowing it would be over soon enough and inevitably they would know whether I had the part or not. So I kept my anxiety bottled up right up until I had gotten up, shaken hands and said my “Nice to meet you too”s. As I closed the door to the hall I let out a muffled grunt and slapped my head out of frustration with my clip board only to lower it and see, who else, but the still further nervous looking girl whom I had basically confirmed the child-like fears of by emerging from the scary audition room acting like they had just anally probed me.

I tried to let out an encouraging smile again, but I fear it was too late.

Hopefully she did better than me anyway.