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Reco Nonsense post 2

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“And a little and a glass at one “ – Brain Regan


Reco Nonsense post 1

A new laptop will of course mean more frequent blog posts, however this new computer also came with Voice Recognition software which I promptly activated (With good intentions! My goal is to perhaps be able to write a blog simply by speaking, when typing would be too much effort!) but after activating it I began driving and listening to the Radio (The Opie and anthony Show if you must know) and I thought “I wonder what the voice stuff will pick up?” So I turned it on for a bit and this is what it picked up.

“If the 30th day there’s a big under the hood die in a door as a letter she thought at the fucking my closet is a little Italian stands up its own world of Earth-the of the event that would hop and the third is really creepily crawling up to a headache make nobody has again though I have.”

Expect a few more of these nonsense posts interspersed among normal ones for a while until I get bored of the random hilarity!

Also, next time there won’t be an explanation so unless you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones who got to read this post then you’ll have no idea what’s being said. So long!